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WarnIM Account Application
Thank you for your interest in WarnIM.  Before you fill out the application, please note that only those in the following categories are authorized WarnIM accounts:
  • SkyWarn or WarnIM Certified Weather Spotters (More info)
  • National Weather Service officials
  • Government offices and agencies
  • First responders and hospitals
  • Media outlets, in order to save lives through early warning
This short application will help us gather the information needed to approve your account.  Please answer the questions, then click Next to move to the next step in the application.

Please note that the information you provide may need to be verified before your account is granted.  Your personal information will be kept in a closed database, and will not be accessible by most users.  If needed, the information you provide will be used for emergency contact and location information.  Access to this data will only be approved by WarnIM moderators.  Authorized persons may use any information that you provide to contact you during an emergency, or for other reasons related to this project.  By completing and submitting this form, you acknowledge agreement with these terms.

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